HK book fair blahs

Among many physical and online bookstores’ top 10 bestselling books, Insight written by CCTV hostess Chai Jing, and Tiny Times, written by “post-80s generation” Chinese writer Guo Jingming, have been holding a place for quite a long time. Not to mention the great demand for works by Mo Yan, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012.

However, in contrast to the high sales seen in the Chinese mainland, these popular works encountered an unexpected snub at the Hong Kong Book Fair, which was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from July 17 to 23.

According to media reports, few people at the book fair visited the independent exhibition area of Mo Yan’s works. And Guo’s works, which caused a buzz over the past few months in the mainland because of its adapted movie, had no accompanying promotional material.

If the book fair is an accurate reflection of the current situation between the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, then it is obvious that the exchange of literature requires more than converting between simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

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