Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest – the fourth Mumbai international literary festival

The Tata group and Literature Live! today announced the 2013 edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai International LitFest. Over 120 writers and thinkers from all over the world are expected to participate in the fourth edition of Mumbai’s premier literary festival.
Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest will run from November 14 to November 17, 2013, at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Mumbai. The festival’s various events will be spread across the NCPA’s Tata, Experimental, Godrej and Little theatres, as well as the outdoor Sunken Garden.
Among the writers and thinkers expected this year are Ashley Tellis, advisor to American presidents; Sir Nicholas Hytner, director of the National Theatre of England; Nik Gowing, BBC’s ace presenter; John Coates, neuroscientist from Cambridge University; Mariane Pearl, author of ‘The Mighty Heart’; Amitava Kumar and Pankaj Mishra; renowned scientists Jayant Narlikar and Kumar Chitre; Charles Correa; Prof Rohit Deshpande from Harvard; Girish Karnad; Lord Meghnad Desai; former chairman of Microsoft India, Ravi Venkatesan; James Astill, political editor of The Economist; Sir Mark Tully; best-selling writers Peter James and Vineet Nayar, and many more.

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