JLF: Is Jaipur Literature Festival just about being cool now?

The Jaipur Literature Festival has become rather popular – some come here seeking intellectual stimulation and others to chill, socialise and get ‘cool-zoned’ by friends just by marking their presence. During a session by authors Jonathan Franzen and Chandrahas Choudhury in the colourful and overcrowded Char Bagh tent, a lady sitting next to me tells her son that “they’re talking about novels and how characters are sketched,” and gets up to leave as the boy happily ‘checks in’ on Facebook. 

Makes me wonder if they came expecting a “Hasya Kavi Samellan”?

Rajasthan’s governor Margaret Alva proudly claimed in her inaugural speech that the JLF is the “Kumbh of literature,” little did she know that there are people who are swamped by the panel discussions about the intricacies of literature.

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