Book review: Kabuko the Djinn – earth and fire

Review of Hamraz Ahsan’s, Kabuko the Djinn in The Express Tribue

“When you were born, wailing and shaking with rage at your expulsion from the comfort of the womb, did you know, in your tiny infant brain, the exact trajectory of your life? Had you already decided in which events would shape you and how your personality would be? Had you decided on who would be your first love and who would be your last? Is that how it happens with humans? I have been very curious to know, you see. I am Kabuko. Kabuko the djinn.’’

Thus, begins the story of Kabuko, the central character in Hamraz Ahsan’s, Kabuko the Djinn. Intrigued by humans and a firm desire to know more about these beings and how they live by becoming a part of them, Kabuko enters the foetus of Ajee Shah in his mother’s womb. Through Ajee’s body and soul, begins Kabuko’s journey for human knowledge. He experiences and encounters a range of human feelings, emotions, relationships and conflicts in many situations for 30 years till he meets his nemesis, or as he himself says “poetic justice”. Kabuko is the omniscient narrator and narrates his story as Kabuko — Ajee’s soul mate inside him as well as Kabuko the djinn outside Ajee’s body and an outsider in the human world. Thus, the plot creates a different experience for readers with parallel perspectives of both a human and a djinn.

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