Chinese Literature Globalization Campaign decoded

Bruce Hume’s take on China lit’s globalisation drive

DecodedChina’s culture apparatchiks are getting serious about bringing Chinese-literature-in-translation to the masses near you. Here are 3 trends detailed in an article (作家 “走出去” 新谋略) reprinted from China Publishing and Media Daily:

More works from (familiar, *sigh*) high-profile authors

Sources in China’s export-oriented publishing sector say they feel more confident focusing on authors who have received prestigious domestic awards. 

The Coming Spanish Wave

China Intercontinental Press (五洲传媒出版社) launched its Spanish-language campaign (中国当代作家及作品海外推广,西班牙语地区) in 2011, with plans to ensure publication of authors such as Liu Zhenyun, Mai Jia, Lu Yao, and Zhou Daxin. Sources tell me that Chi Zijian’s 《额尔古纳河右岸》(Last Quarter of the Moon in English) Spanish version, part of this program, will be published soon under the title La orilla derecha del Argun. The article notes that China Intercontinental Press also plans to launch the Spanish edition of Mai Jia’sDecoded (解密) and Plot (暗算) in a Hispanic market roadshow during June-July 2014.

Triple-strength Formula: China Publisher + Author + Int’l Agent

Some China publishing professionals recognize that literary “exports” to date have been limited by China’s ham-handed attempts to sell their writers to the world at large. The article argues that one newer approach combines the resources of the China publisher and author with the marketing expertise of international literary agents.

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