Bringing international literature to the blind

The nonprofit online magazine Albawtaka Review is translating and recording English audio books into Arabic for Egypt’s blind: Daily News

Assuming they won’t make high profits, publishing houses have long neglected producing audio versions for books and novels. Salah Edin’s project is dedicating to remedying the shortage of books available to the blind by producing about 10,000 recordings.

For this project, titled “Not Chick Lit: Stories by Ordinary Women in and Beyond Turmoil”, Salah Edin selected stories that explore contemporary humans’ socially-constructed dilemmas, she said, opening a window to women and their challenges in the 21st century, their worlds and their perspectives.

 “As its name implies, the project is indeed about women but it doesn’t necessarily address only women,” Salah Eldin said. “I chose these stories with a human eye, rather than a feminist eye. It reflects women engaging with the plight of poverty, estrangement, prejudice, oppressive traditions, the holocaust, a child’s loss, corruption in academia, racism and the impalpable nature of music.”

The audio books will be distributed to four institutions for the blind in Cairo and three in Libya, including The Egyptian Blind Association, Taha Hussein Hall in Cairo University, Helwan University and Fagr Eltanweer Organization in Cairo, the Association for the Blind in Benghazi (ABB), the Blind Organization and Arete Foundation for Arts and Culture in Tripoli.

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