Celebrate differences, don’t eliminate them: Tabish Khair

Tabish KhairThe moment we try to erase differences instead of accepting them, it creates problems. This is because human beings are programmed to differ and no two persons can be the same, said noted

Denmark-based Indian writer Tabish Khair, whose latest book, “The New Xenophobia”, has just been released.

An associate professor in the English department at Denmark’s University of Aarhus, Khair has penned several books in the fiction and non-fiction categories, including “Babu Fictions: Alienation in Indian English Novels”, “The Bus Stopped” and “Filming: A Love Story”.

“The New Xenophobia” dwells on how people constantly create “the stranger” to gain more power over them. “The construction and reception of the stranger of xenophobia, old or new, is always a matter of power, a relationship of power,” Khair observed in an interview with IANS while on a visit here to promote his new book.

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