Delve into a magical world with this teen Indian author


Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of children? From fairy godmothers and talking unicorns, to superheroes and parallel worlds, in a child’s mind, there is no dearth of possibilities, no limit to imagination.

This holds strong for     16-year-old Melita Tessy, author of the fantasy novel Battle of the Spheres. Melita was just nine when she started reading her first novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid and ever since, there was no looking back. Reading, for her, was a means of letting her imagination soar, taking her to new places and letting her see things she’d never see otherwise. “I was so fascinated by fantasy fiction. I couldn’t put those books down. Authors like Suzanne Collins and JK Rowling are my favourites,” says Melita.

By the time, she was 13, her father began encouraging her to try writing. Read more