The Best of Kitaab, 2018

It is that time of the year again – the threshold – a time to look back and a time to look ahead, to take stock and to plan. This is the time when the publishing world turns to scores of year-end lists for readers. At Kitaab, we have turned the gaze inwards.

Much has been written on Kitaab’s pages in the past 12 months: reviews, interviews, fiction, essays (though we could do with more on that page), curated articles from across Asia… We have spread the ground to publish writing from Tibet, Korea, and a lot of Singapore this year.

Asian writing in its diversity and rich heritage has found its way into two powerful anthologies from Kitaab’s books publishing division – The Best Asian Short Stories 2018 and The Best Speculative Fiction 2018 and into the pages of We have interviews from some of the best writers across the continent, powerful poetry, fiction and book reviews that have covered almost all ‘genres’ of writing. We have kept our promise of sharing our platform with debuting writers and independent publishers. What we have in return, is the gift of a profusion of voices, styles, themes and subjects from writers exploring their skills to those who have already proved their mettle.

As we wrap up the year, we would like to thank all of you who have contributed to Kitaab’s wealth of literature with your poetry, stories, reviews, essays and interviews; we are grateful to the writers and poets who have taken time out to engage in conversation with us.

Much remains to be done, but for now here’s the best of Kitaab, 2018:

In conversation with




Nayomi Munaweera – Sucharita Dutta-Asane
Charles Ades and Smita Sahay – Shikhandin
Dr Mohammad A Quayum – Shikhandin
Bhuchung D Sonam – Shelly Bhoil
Sudeep Chakravarty – Shikhandin
Siddharth Dasgupta – Pervin Saket
Anjum on Bergman – Zafar Anjum
Saubhik De Sarkar – Dolonchampa Chakraborty
H.S. Shiva Prakash – Kamalakar Bhat
Kamila Shamsie – Sucharita Dutta-Asane
Gopi Chand Narang – Rahman Abbas
Hannah Kim – Mitali Chakravarty
Felix Cheong – Mitali Chakravarty
Zafar Anjum and Monideepa Sahu – Sucharita Dutta-Asane

The Lounge Chair Interviews

Janice Pariat – Neha Mehrotra
Nausheen Eusuf – Farah Ghuznavi
Saikat Majumdar – Neha Mehrotra

Book Reviews



The Who-Am-I Bird – Vineetha Mekkoth
Daughters of the Sun – Madhu Kelkar
Indian Nationalism – The Essential Writings of Irfan Habib – Kamalakar Bhat
Feast – Food of the Islamic World – Shabana Zahoor
Vegetarian India – A Journey through the Best of Indian Home Cooking – Shabana Zahoor
Crow Dusk – Poems by Mark Floyer – Rajat Chaudhuri
Reclamation Song – Soni Somarajan
A Clock in the Far Past – Shikhandin
A Bombay in My Beat – Namrata Pathak
Woman to Woman Stories – Sucharita Dutta-Asane
Frazil – Jhilmil Breckenridge
Love and the Turning Seasons – India’s Poetry of Spiritual and Erotic Longing – Bhaswati Ghosh
Tweet – Mitali Chakravarty
The Best Asian Short Stories – Mitali Chakravarty
The Bengalis – Shikhandin
The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows – Mitali Chakravarty
Sanskarnama – Namrata Pathak
A Bit of Earth – Mitali Chakravarty
Hills of Slow Time – Namrata Pathak
Veils Halos Shackles – Shikhandin
Reshaping Art – Vidya Acharya


Here I Am for P K Leung – Xu Xi
Grey Thread – Vanessa Ng
Payasam – Vaishnavi Sreenivas
The Red Floor – Shahbano Alvi
The Edge of the Fields – Scott P Salcedo
The Dog Catchers – Mir Arif
Parcelled – Ripe for the Picking – Kar Yern Chin
Anti Pygmalion – Shabir Ahmad Mir
Fifty-Nine Times but One – Aditya Gautam


Accidental Book Burning – Karlo Silverio Sevilla
Mysteries – Aparna Vincent
Sunday – Dilantha Gunawardana
For Birendra Krishna Bhadra – Shikhandin
I Don’t Know the Word for Depression in Mandarin – Vanessa Crofskey
Facebook Girl – Peerzada Salman
The Water trade – Meg Eden
On My Husband’s Return from Bataan – Patricia J Miranda
Getting Ready – Yuan Changming
The Primeval Call – Faiz Ahmad

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