Quarantined Times of Hope and Despair – Readings by Shabana Azmi

Noted actress Shabana Azmi, reads a short-story ‘River of No Return‘ written by Tabish Khair.

In words of the author,

“The story she reads out here is a story of violence and despair, but the fact that she found the time to make this brilliant recording is also illustrative of the other side of our human crisis: we are not just prisoners in the cells of our devastation. Not during the pandemic, and not afterward. There are ways to connect. There are ways to organize. There are ways to hope.

Last week, Kitaab published one of the first major work of literature to come out of the current crisis.

Quarantine Sonnets : Sex, Money and Shakespeare, is an anthology of sonnets written by noted poet, novelist and critic Tabish Khair. It contains powerfully original rewritings which combine humour and satire with acute social and political commentary. Profits from this e-book are being donated to Migrant Workers Centre, Singapore, helping migrant workers to cope with the current economic crisis complicated by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

You can now download the E-book ( which is separate from this story) from Amazon.