Quarantine Poetry #14 – Lockdown- Written & Recited by Aslam Hasan (Urdu/Hindi)

This poem has been written by Aslam Hasan, a poet currently based in Patna, Bihar. He is an officer in the Indian Revenue Services.

Here is a rough translation of the poem into English:

Let the tired, weary days

Enter into slumber

Come, let’s hear from the back home traveller

The tales of twists and turns of the haggard path

Come, let’s watch the moon tonight

Explore the world beyond the shining stars

Let’s share with some frail ailing old man

The talks of loneliness

Let’s recite to the kids the old stories

The clay houses, the clay pots and the clay toys

The house, courtyard all over

Have been enveloped with

The sweet aroma of dusty shoes

Come, let’s carry all relations in our embrace

And hear patiently all grumbles and whines

Let’s ask from the silent time the truth of passing by

Come, before the journey

Let’s wrap up the bundle of precious moments

Perhaps in the drab worldly calculations

We forgot to count in our own self

Come, let’s finalize the account with the residue

Come, let’s open the book with ease

And again live the life word by word…

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