April 1, 2023


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Book Review: Evening with a Sufi (Translated from Telugu by Afsar Mohammad and Shamala Gallagher)

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Poet and Critic, Gopal Lahiri reviews the poetry collection Evening with Sufi-Translated from Telugu by Afsar Mohammad and Shamala Gallagher (Published by Red River, 2022) and calls it a collection of poetry of resistance and compassion.

  • ISBN :978-93-92494-16-1
  • Published by: Red River, New Delhi-110091
  • Price: INR-349/-

Sufi Poetry, often, provides solace, pleasure, and a sense of connection. But it is the language, subtle and ingenious, that lies beneath your thoughts and delivers the results. Afsar Mohammad, an eminent Telegu poet, has a passion for a Sufi but his heart cries for the deprived people. 

In his engaging book titled ‘Evening with a Sufi’, both Afsar Mohammad and the translator Shamala Gallagher bring the intrinsic nuances of the Telegu poems into the English language and make them a riveting form of expression. The solace the poet offers in these poems is uplifting, rounded, and nostalgic. He expresses so directly as one human being to another and finds his way to write socially conscious poems so adroitly. Even some of the murkiest moments in life are condensed through light.

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