Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Kitaab. We want to provide a platform to Asian writers as well as to writers of any ethnicity writing on Asian themes (no matter where you live). As such, we welcome you to submit your work for publication here.

We request writers to  submit only one story at a time and no more than two stories a year.

What kind of stories we are looking for? Anything set in Asia or about Asia or Asians anywhere in the world. The stories/poems must be in English.

We consider unsolicited submission of short stories including excerpts from novels in progress (if they stand alone as stories) no longer than 3,000 words.

Please submit 1 to 4 poems of moderate length at one go. They should not be of more than 60 lines each.

For book reviews or essays, you can send us your pitches and we will respond to them as soon as we can.

All submissions must be exclusive, original and not previously published, in print or online. Include your brief biography (in about 100 words) along with your contribution. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

We accept submissions via e-mail only. Send stories/poems/non-fiction pitches to: We will respond to you as soon as we can.

All submissions should be sent both in the body of the email and as a Word or Pages document, with the title and author’s name at the top of the first page.

Contributions accepted for publication may be subject to editing in collaboration with the author. Authors retain all rights but stories published here could be included in future print or ebook anthologies by Kitaab.

Book Reviews

If you would like to submit a book (or books) for us to review, please drop us an email at editor@kitaabinternational.comIf you want to review a book for Kitaab, please send us your suggestions with a brief note on yourself.

Book reviewers are not paid any honorarium but they get to keep the review copy. They are also given the honorary title, Kitaab Dost (Friend of Kitaab).

Author Interviews

If you would like to interview an author for Kitaab, please drop us an email at


At the moment we are unable to pay our writers.

Some of the stories will go into the upcoming anthologies / journals by Kitaab and authors will be paid royalties for their contributions.


2013 marked Kitaab’s foray into publishing. As a publishing house, Kitaab publishes original/translated contemporary literature in English and other Asian languages which illuminates the minds and hearts of readers.

We aim to be a publishing house with titles that will serve our broad theme: empowering and connecting Asian writers and readers. However, the books that we publish must be able to travel around the world. We love short stories, and we hear that most mainstream publishers are not too keen to publish collections of short stories. Therefore, to begin with, we are paying special attention to short fiction. However, we are now open to all kinds of work: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry (both original and in translation).

How to submit your manuscript

Send us a pitch (2-3 chapters with a synopsis and author bio) and we will get back to you within a couple of weeks. Drop us a note at today. Fiction and poetry submissions are closed now until further announcement. 

Queries to submit your work under our Simurg imprint (curated publishing programme) are open.

Spread the word

We invite writers to spread the word about Kitaab through social media and by recommending our weekly newsletter to your friends. Your support is important for Kitaab and for ensuring that a forum like this exists for publication of new and emerging writers.