The ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, the world’s largest free literary festival, on Monday announced a new art award to be presented in partnership with Delhi-based art organisation Ojas Art.

The Ojas Art Award, a new annual addition to the Festival, will be presented to two Indian artists.

It will be worth Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 31,000 respectively. The award will also celebrate and encourage new artistic talent by providing a platform for the artists to showcase their work at the LitFest.

While the country’s elite disappeared to the Swiss Alps this summer, some set off to the mystical land of Bhutan. Our Westcoast resident tells us about her experience at the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival: DNA

The country that is fondly called ‘Last Shangri La’ played host to the Mountain Echoes Literary Festival, an initiative by the India Bhutan Foundation.  Spanning across three days, the literary fest brought together writers, environmentalists, scholars, photographers, poets, musicians and filmmakers to share stories, create memories, and engage in a cultural dialogue. 

A literary figure, a writer creates his/her masterpieces for readers. It’s a rarity that a reader is blessed enough to meet the writer he likes in person. A reader is related to a writer through the latter’s words, imagination s/he uses in his writings. The meeting in person was considered more of a fantasy and a dramatised dream in olden days. But now things have changed, literature has also seen an advancement and progress. One of the many examples of that can be Literary Festivals organised globally.