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Singapore-based Filipino filmmaker Paul David Sarabia wins top prize in ‘Our Better World’ storytelling competition

Our Better World,  an online storytelling initiative powered by the Singapore International Foundation, has unveiled the winners of its first ever video storytelling competition, which focuses on people in Asia doing good to improve the lives of others.

The competition received a diverse mix of stories, from films on foot spas run by the visually impaired, to young people teaching street kids through graffiti and street art, and even fitness enthusiasts engaging in Zumba exercises with the elderly – a testament to how there are countless ways to improve the lives of others. Read more

Veteran filmmaker on storytelling

Diipti Jhangiani in conversation with veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal in DNA

A few years ago I made a film, Welcome To Sajjapur, we had a peon at office, very bright, superb memory but he couldn’t read or write. I would write his letters sometimes, they were very formal, about the family etc. He went to his gaon (village) and got married. Now his wife could write. Being newly married her letters were very intimate, very private; her letters they were really meant for him, the poor fellow didn’t know how to read them. You can imagine! Sometimes I would read them for him, it would be in confidence, but what if it were read by somebody else? I was fascinated by this exchange and that’s how the story formed.

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