Libraries and literature in Nepal: The service provided by the American Library in Nepal is significant

Library services existed in Nepal since the time of the Rana regime. However, after 2007 BS, library services from foreign countries came into existence in Kathmandu: American Library, British Library, Russian Library and Indian Library. The American Library, which was part of the US Embassy’s public affairs to increase mutual understanding between the US and Nepal, was opened by late Matrika Prasad Koirala, former prime minister. The changing landscape of Kathmandu has forced the American Embassy to change the location of the American Library multiple times over the years. Initially, it was situated at New Road–the heart of Kathmandu. In the course of time, New Road started becoming too crowded, so the Library moved to a more peaceful area in Gyaneshor. A few years later, due to space constraints, the Library again moved to the Hotel Complex of Yak and Yeti and remained there until it finally moved to the newly built embassy building at Maharajganj.

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