December 7, 2023


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Click here to go to Kitaab’s book store, Kitaabstore to order our publications.

If your browser does not support the above link, please click on this link.

We fulfil orders globally through our online bookstore. Some of our titles are also available on and for Indian buyers.

Write to us at if you have any queries regarding our titles.

12 thoughts on “Bookstore

  1. Sir, we are from Purnea (your adjacent district). Our fiction “the first trillionaire” is being published and marketed by the book retail giant Crossword Bookstores, it will hit most of crossword bookstores, other bookstores and amazon this December. Seek your blessings and good wish. An honest review from scholar like you can give us a niche. We also seek opportunity to visit your school and have few words with teachers and students as the book is lot of business learning encapsulated in fiction form. Thank you (

  2. I reckon Kitaab should aim to have titles of Lifi Publications and other mid sized Indian Publishers, as well. They promote good writing and new authors.

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