Kitaab launches “the best asian travel writing 2020” at singapore writers festival 2020

The inaugural volume of The Best Asian Travel Writing 2020 (TBASS 2020), edited by Percy Fernandez, has been launched at the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) this year.

Stories from the inaugural edition of The Best Asian Travel Writing offer you glimpses into the curious, strange and wonderful experiences in Asia through the eyes and words of our writers. They travelled to find the roots in Cherrapunji, discover the wonders of Bamiyan, volunteer in the high Himalaya, looking for Malgudi among others that offer a frisson of excitement and expectation.

The writers featured in this volume include Arjen Joyce, Vibhav Bisht, Zac O’Yeah, Anita Anand, Suzanne Kamata, Harsimran Kaur, Robin Boustead, Martin Bradley and Anindita Das.

Copies of this volume can be ordered from the SWF festival bookstore here (local shipping is free) until 15 Dec 2020.

About the editor
Currently the Professor & Chairperson, School of Media & Communication MAHE, Dubai, Dr. Percy Fernandez has straddled the world of academics, print, TV, online media and has produced documentaries and TV shows for media organizations like Channel 4, the BBC, Fox TV. He was the expedition photographer for the 2013 NCC Everest Expedition.

All volumes of The Best Asian series can be ordered from

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