March 28, 2023


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Short Story: Evening Walks by Ritika Bali

2 min read

This short story by Ritika Bali is a heart-warming tale of an elderly couple who discovers new passion and zeal towards life.

“I am sure, your grandfather is having an affair!” Daadi said emphatically, her words dissipating into the resounding tune of Chitrahaar.
Uma got up, seated next to her and hard-pressed the volume button on the black and white TV several times.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Daadi. How can you even say that about Baba?” she said coughing to smother the onset of another laughing fit – in three weeks, Daadi had gone from ‘I wonder’ to ‘I am sure’ about this whole affair.
“When you know it, you know it. I want you to follow him one day and see what he’s up to in the name of evening walks. For two hours, he’s gone!”
Uma’s mother paused in the middle of a telephonic conversation. She shook her head and clicked her tongue. “You know Ma, there’s a park nearby and he cares about his health, so let us all be appreciative of the effort. At this age, one has to be cautious.”
“Accha! And, the day before, ask him what he was doing at Radhey’s sweet shop? He didn’t tell me a thing about this escapade, let alone ask if I wanted to have some. Bunty had come to return the change, your health-conscious Papa had forgotten to take. He was never like this,” she sniffled, “—enjoying alone.”

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