December 8, 2023


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Short Story: The House by Prerana Das

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This poignant short story by Prerana Das takes us down the memory lane and leaves us feeling nostalgic for the times gone by.

The feet forget. A childhood spent in this house, but my feet dare to forget. I’m almost embarrassed when I enter the wrong room. Thankfully, there’s no one inside, except a neatly tucked bed and a houseplant that witness the mishap. My steps gingerly make their way to the right room, lost in a state of crippling vagueness. I open the door to a gust of abandonment. 

My grandmother’s room. 

Everything changes, but time stands still here. 

Two years ago and now- the ends of an eternity tethered by sentimental precautions. The furniture has not moved around since, the table still in an oddly askew position, the bedsheets and curtains changed but all else just the same.

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