September 23, 2023


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Short Story: Haji Shaheb and the Bull by Sanjeeda Hossain

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Sanjeeda Hossain’s short story captures the beauty of miracles that are born out of faith and hope.

Inu Haji did not eat anything after Maghrib prayers at sunset. But he must have his breakfast at first light: smoking, hot rice, thick dal, and a hard-boiled egg, freshly prepared by his granddaughter-in-law, Zaytun. He started his day with this meal, immediately after his Fajr prayers.  

Later in the morning, he had puffed rice with mangoes or jackfruit from his garden. In between Asr and Maghrib prayers, he had his dinner: rice with vegetables and fish cooked in very little oil and spice. If he had meat, he never ate fish and meat together.

This was his everyday diet plan.

By the end of the rainy season, when water was receding from the village roads and fields, his youngest granddaughter Rizia arrived at the Haji Bari, as people referred to his home. 

“I couldn’t bring anything else but these fruit drops, dada bhai, knowing how much you love sweets. Please have them.”

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