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Recommended Reads – 10 Book Bloggers from other Asian Countries by Joseph Sunny

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Joseph Sunny shares a curated list of 10 book bloggers from other Asian countries.

Writing a book and marketing it are two different things. While writing can be a solitary activity done in the privacy on our own house, both the activities need external support for successful execution.

Writing groups, writing courses, writing workshops, writing grants – the support for writing can be manifold.

While the support for marketing your book is all about selling your book. It involves book shop owners, libraries, retailers, literary magazines, book reviewers and P. R. agencies.

If you are looking to marketing your books in the Asian countries, these reviewers’ list can be a great place to start with. We strongly recommend authors to approach them only after matching their requirements with the services on offer by these reviewers. This way you will ensure maximum reach for your book by choosing the perfect audience.

So, without much adieu, we are sharing the list of 10 book bloggers from other Asian countries:

Novels & Waffles

  • Web Address:- https://novelsandwaffles.com/
  • Location Japan
  • Founded in 2019 by Kat. H
  • Email:- hello@novelsandwaffles.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – Young Adult fantasy, Young Adult Science fiction, Young Adult Contemporary, Young Adult Romance, Middle Grade
  • Cross post reviews on Goodreads & will be promoted on Instagram & Twitter
  • Blog has an average of 4200 monthly visits 
  • Followed by over 1000 people in both Instagram & Twitter

Of Reading & Random Things

  • Web Address:- https://ofreadingandrandomthings.wordpress.com/
  • Location Indonesia
  • Founded in 2016 by Maddie. A
  • Email:- maddie.fa95@gmail.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Mystery, Contemporary/Realistic Fiction, Middle Grade/Children’s Books
  • Review links will be posted in Goodreads, Book Depository & Amazon

Amazing Distance

  • Web Address:https://www.amazingdistance.com/
  • Location – Malaysia
  • Founded in 2019 by Fatina Mudz
  • Email:- fatinamdzfrblog@yahoo.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing:- YA (Fiction, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Contemporary, Fantasy, Horror, Romance), General Fiction, Middle Grade
  • Cross post reviews on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Followed by over 1.5k people on Instagram & more than 1.1k people on Twitter

She Loves To Read 

Reading (AS)(I)AN (AM)ERICA

  • Web Address:- https://readingasiam.blog/
  • Location – Taiwan, USA
  • Founded in 2016 by Shenwei
  • Email:- shenweitchang@gmail.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – Mainly prefer fantasy, Young Adult & middle grade fiction. But open to other genres also
  • Review links will be posted on Twitter
  • Followed by over 4.8k people on Twitter
  • Also open to hosting blog tours, interviews & giveaways


  • Web Address:- https://skavansieur.home.blog/
  • Location – Malaysia
  • Founded in 2018 by Joanna
  • Email:- skavansieur@gmail.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – Architecture, Advertising, Design, Graphic design, YA, Literary, Classics, Self-help, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Poetry, Psychological thrillers, Chick lit, Historical fiction
  • Reviews will be cross posted on Goodreads. Also a mini review will be posted on Instagram & Twitter.
  • Also provide services like author interviews & character interviews

Shut Up, Shealea

  • Web Address:- https://shutupshealea.com/
  • Location – Philippines
  • Founded in 2019 by Shealea
  • Email:- contact.shealea@gmail.com
  • Provides services like book reviews, author interviews, spotlight posts & exclusive cover reveals
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – fantasy, Sci-fi, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Historical fiction, Poetry

My Bookish Escapades

Chasing Faery Tales 

  • Web Address:- http://chasingfaerytales.com/
  • Location – Sri Lanka
  • Founded in 2014 by Mishma Nixon
  • Email:- mishmanixon@yahoo.com
  • Provides book reviews & other services like author interviews, cover reveals etc
  • Genre accepted for reviewing – No particular genre preference mentioned

String Of Pages

  • Web Address:- https://stringofpages.wordpress.com/
  • Location – Indonesia
  • Founded in 2014 by Tiffany
  • Email:- stringofpages@gmail.com
  • Genres accepted for reviewing – Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Romance
  • Reviews will be cross posted on Goodreads & will be promoted through Instagram & Twitter handles


Joseph Sunny completed his graduation in History from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi. He is currently living in Kerala.

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