May 30, 2023


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Literary News: Adab Sarai – A Writer’s Forum for Creative Writing

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An Appeal to all Writer Friends

I am writing to invite you to the Anjuman’s flagship initiative, —an open and free platform for creative writers, across languages, created purely for the love of creative literature. The basic idea is to meet for monthly literary gatherings at our premises in Urdu Ghar. Participants will read out their stories and poems, bounce off ideas and novel outlines, even discuss books that have inspired their writing—everything within the ambit of creative writing, over cups of tea.

In the initial meeting, writers will congregate to talk about creative writing as a broad rubric, share ideas, and arrive at a format for the forum’s future gatherings. The role of the Anjuman will be of an enabler, providing resources and a platform, without interfering in any way. Urdu is encouraged not imposed, English along with all Indian languages, is equally welcome.

However, is not for literary critics, who have countless other fora at their disposal to express themselves. In India, creative writers get limited space to present their work, especially fiction and poetry. Such spaces are often niche or expensive, beyond the reach of struggling creative writers. Hence this free platform.Adab Sarai 

Urdu Ghar will provide resources to publish the best works that emerge out of this initiative. Even though we are an Urdu organization, we believe that Urdu can creatively benefit from discourse with other languages. Even Urdu creative writing will find more space in our publishing programme now via.

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation. I request you to please spread the word and make a grand success.

Advance registrations are now open!

Interested participants can register by dropping an email at You can also register via Instagram. DM me @ atherfarouqui