May 30, 2023


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Short Story: The Talisman by Wynn Chng Way Sean

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In this short story, Wynn Chng Way Sean brings together elements of drama and intrigue, weaving a captivating story about belief and fear.

Tommy and his grandmother were riding on a bike, they were heading to a temple. The temple was surrounded by countless palm trees, only one road led to the temple from the outside world. Palm tree plantation is nothing like wood in fairy tales, all the palm trees are neatly arranged, also soulless. 

Tommy was sitting behind his grandmother, holding whatever he could hold to keep himself from falling off the vehicle. The motorcycle’s headlamp was the only light. The road to the temple was full of potholes, riding on it was no fun. Tommy needed to lift up his butt for every bump on the road. His grandmother was snaking on the road to avoid any obstacle that may cause her 40-year-old Honda motorbike to break down. 

When they arrived at the temple, she parked the motorcycle at a small field behind the temple. The grass on that small field was constantly flattened by many vehicles. It probably took many years to become a visible parking space. 

Tommy dismounted the motorcycle. 

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