September 22, 2023


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Short Story: Raazi by Ghulam Mohammad Khan

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aerial view of dal lake

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In this short story, Ghulam Mohammad Khan shares a poignant tale full of intrigue and suspense leaving the reader in shock towards the end.

As the first rays of dawn began to break through the night, casting an eerie glow over the desolate neighborhood, the inhabitants were awakened by Raazi’s frenzied cries. The air was heavy with a sense of dread, and the howling of the dogs only added to the ominous atmosphere.

Neighbors stumbled out of their homes, their faces etched with concern and confusion. They gathered around Raazi and her father-in-law, their eyes wide with anticipation of the impending horror. The old man, supported by his walking stick, moved with an unnatural swiftness as if driven by an unseen force.

Together, they hurried towards the adjacent house where Saleem, Raazi’s husband, lay motionless. The doors creaked open, revealing a dimly lit room filled with an oppressive silence. The neighbors followed closely behind, their hearts pounding with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

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