December 1, 2023


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Short Story: Farzana’s Folly by Arun Hariharan

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In this short story, Arun Hariharan narrates a poignant tale of love and the joy a fulfilling relationship adds to our lives.

Behold, Farzana Khan, the queen of the film industry who reigned supreme with her unprecedented success in the realm of entertainment, boasting six consecutive blockbusters under her belt. Her divine beauty, unparalleled dancing skills, and audacious performance on the silver screen had propelled her to the pinnacle of fame and fortune, earning her an enviable position in the hearts of millions.

Alas, her triumphs in the professional arena had not translated to a felicitous personal life, for her heart was heavy with the anguish of a shattered love. The charming actor Rohit Khanna, with whom she had shared an intense romance, had left her heartbroken and disconsolate. Nightmares of a foreboding nature had begun to plague her, tormenting her soul for over a month, with no respite in sight.

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