December 6, 2023


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Short Story: The Song of the Sea by Naina Rai

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In this short story, Naina Rai shares a poignant tale of desires, dreams, and destiny entwined with love and hope.

The sea has a rhythm you know, a song it always moves to, the water has its own steps choreographed to match perfectly to the hum of the horizon. Standing there in the middle of the sea of people for the first time I heard it. Heard its hum turning slowly into a song and the song into a roar. And I was part of it. I was part of that song of the sea of people who had come together to make their voices heard.

The song spread like a magic spell, engulfing us in its power, words vibrating in my ears. I stood head-to-head with people I had never met but still felt one with. Our hearts had a connection, an unexplainable connection, cruising through our veins was magic, magic that bound us together. I felt safe in the comfort of number, something I hadn’t in a long time. Hidden away for months in the isolation of faraway hills I had kept away from the people. Far away, as far as I could. The distance for a while threw a sheet over the dirty laundry I had been trying to hide or maybe the sheet was on me as I hid from the problems because they were of the world and not mine. 

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