December 1, 2023


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Short Story: Gurbaz Mastaan by Ghulam Mohammad Khan

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aerial photography of charar i sharief in bugdam district

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In this poignant story, Ghulam Mohammad Khan takes the reader on a journey to a faraway village Muqam, narrating the happenings that one day changed everything, beyond repair.

Nobody knew when and who planted those majestic willows, their sprawling branches reaching for the heavens. Under their protective shade nestled the faraway village of Muqam, untouched by the chaos of the outside world. The villagers, with their simple lives, had long revered the willows, believing that they were grown in the past to harvest the sweet nectar of honey. Bees weaved intricate hives into the delicate foliage, creating a symphony of buzzing life. Muqam was also famous in distant towns for its pure and sweet honey.

But now, the willows served a different purpose, their significance transformed by the passage of time. The villagers sought refuge beneath the cool shadows during scorching summers, seeking respite from the unforgiving sun. Shouts, whistles, and laughter echoed through the village as the people gathered, engaging in lively games of Kabadi, cricket, and football, blending harmoniously with the rustling leaves. The green leafage was a boon for the cattle, providing nourishment in abundance. And when the harsh grip of winter tightened, the villagers would skillfully wield their axes, severing the branches of the willows. The wood would be transformed into coal, a precious commodity that kept their hearths warm and their homes alive.

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