Book Review: Nazi Goreng: Young Malay Fanatic Skinheads by Marco Ferrarese

New thriller Nazi Goreng is a great read and also gives some interesting insight into the world of Asian musical subcultures writes Mike Dines. 

Nazi-Goreng-23Nazi Goreng: Young Malay Fanatic Skinheads is the first novel from the travel writer, musician and freelance journalist Marco Ferrarese. Set around two protagonists – the rather naïve Asrul and his racist counterpart Malik – Nazi Goreng tells the story of two individuals who decide to away from the Malaysian provinces to the big city of Pulau Pinang with an intention to cause racial violence in the name of Kuasa Melayu (Malay Power). Instead of racial hatred however, the two get entangled in the seedy world of Malaysia’s drug wars, meeting an array of dangerous and colourful individuals: from gun toting Nigerians and corrupt policemen, to Iranian drug smugglers and an enigmatic Chinese drug mule. Furthermore, it is here that their identity as Malay skinheads become blurred, and the ethos of Kuasa Melayu is drawn into question as the colour of skin and cultural background are often forgotten for the sake of keeping alive.

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