September 23, 2023


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Review: 26/11 Probe: Why Judiaciary Also Failed

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S M Mushrif’s book (26/11 Probe: Why Judiaciary Also Failed, a sequel to Who Killed Karkare: The Real Face of Terrorism in India) is a powerful indictment of the IB and the Hindutva groups, and should compell the authorities to give an honest answer, says Ram Puniyani in Tehelka

26-11SM Mushrif does a commendable job of collating all the available evidence and coming out with a revelatory book, Who Killed Karkare: The Real Face of Terrorism in India. In summary, Mushrif challenges the theory put forward by police and argues that apart from eight terrorists who landed from Pakistan, there were two more who were from the Hindutva groups, who had, in collaboration with the Intelligence Bureau (IB), taken advantage of the knowledge that Pakistani terrorists were coming to Mumbai. But instead of alerting the Navy and other authorities concerned, who could have averted the attack, the IB played a different game. Hindutva groups swung into action and planned to eliminate Karkare. When he was doing his job meticulously, the Hindutva political group Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna wrote in the editorial that they’d spit on the face of Karkare. The present prime ministerial candidate from BJP, Narendra Modi, called Karkare anti-national.

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