China: Book lovers flock to 117-year-old store run by elderly man

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Jiang Chengbo is 90. He is running a 117-year-old antique bookstore inherited from his grandfather, and that has made him an internet celebrity.

Jiang, the third-generation owner of the store, said that after visitors began talking about it onthe internet, book lovers from across the country have come to look for books and takephotos with him.

Located in the Gusu district of Suzhou, in East China’s Jiangsu province, the store covers about 20 square meters and is filled with shelves on three sides with books categorized as literature, history and philosophy.

Known as Wenxueshanfang, or “house of mountain of literature”, the store was founded with a loan in 1899. After more than two decades of diligent management by Jiang’s grandfather and father, the store paid back the debt and bought a large number of antique books, some of which were rare books, becoming one of the most famous antique bookstores in eastern China. Read more


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