An alternative narrative

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An anthology of contemporary Telugu writings underlines how modern Telugu short story is replete with themes of proverbial man-woman relationship and the search for female identity.

The complex question of gender identity and equality no longer produces a unitary narrative heavily loaded against men wrapped in a language that stems from McCarthian style witch-haunt and Orwellian double speak. Multi-layered, ubiquitous and dreadful discrimination goes well beyond the patriarchy as the narrative of subjugation is set in motion by the ideology, religion, caste, class, language, social convictions, and the forces of market and globalisation. Discrimination as the dominant social construct does exist at the heart of every human predicament. Multi-stranded manifestation of gender discrimination can be viewed from the perspective of class, gender, region, language and religion. This nuanced alternative narrative of feminism is revealed by the contemporary Telugu short story. The poignant tales of the disguised slavery are the centrepiece of modern Telugu fiction and an anthology of the contemporary Telugu Writings edited by Alladima, M. Sridhar and K. Suneeta Rani carried a wonderful selection.

The anthology “Vibhinna” (Voices from contemporary Telugu Writings) is published by the National Academy of Letters, Sahitya Akademi recently. In recent years Sahitya Akademi has been striving for getting a meticulous selection of all the significant genres in Indian language translated into English and this is one of the anthologies published by the Sahitya Akademi. Dr. K.S. Rao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi is of the opinion that the vista produced by literature will never be captured by any other medium and it is what the Akademi stands for. Read more


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