December 7, 2023


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Short Story: Into the Void By Muddasir Ramzan

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Ghazali craved to see his wife’s calm face and his son’s youthful gaze again before he was finally awake. 

The mixed raw metals dissolved by the raging temperature have made a thick surface on the Martian crust. Underneath, where humans live to escape from the aggressive climate, Ghazali felt, more warmly, that there was still a possibility for his return to life – to Earth. Residing beneath the ground on this new planet, with all the modern types of equipment humans could think of, has made him aware of his nature and those surrounding him. Such as, no matter how much people dump their dark side, it’ll emerge again, more rigorously, as if taking its revenge; also, it’s only the desire for new experiences that offer pleasure, not getting what you actually desire. He still has a will to die on the land where he was born, which he considers his home, despite having a separate house of his own on this new planet. He thinks of himself as a robot, but he is more than a machine because of his emotions, dreams, and nostalgia. Perhaps living among robots was not giving him the feeling of home. But how would travelling back to Earth be possible for him? He was conscious of surveillance satellites wheeling through the human-made Sky. This play of escaping from an escape is obliging him from living in his new world.

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