December 2, 2023


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Short Story: The Death of a Sparrow By Sravani Biswas

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“The Sparrow”

She flew to a neem tree and settled on its tender branch. Immediately she began preening her tiny feathers. She had had a terrible fight. She had fought tooth and nail and had lost some of her capillary feathers. She had tried her best to drive away the other female who was desperate to take over her nest and her partner. This female had pushed one of her babies out of the nest. She has given up on that baby because it is too small. They need a few days more to fledge. The other two were crying in fear—chick-chick-chick

She is not worried about infidelity–it is accepted. But she is his partner for life. Together they roost, breed, incubate, hatch, feed. Together they teach the chicks to fly.

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