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Biography of Patras Bokhari – Urdu’s greatest humour writer

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A heartfelt ode to the famous Urdu humourist, Patras Bokhari – a legend in Urdu literature whose works continue to be revered today.

Patras Bokhari


Born in Peshawar in 1898, Syed Ahmed Shah was commonly known as Patras Boukhari.

He had many nicknames – Prof. Ahmad Shah Bokhari, a.k.a. Patras Bokhari of the world of Urdu literature; Prof. Bokhari of the world of teaching and training; Bade Bokhari of the world of broadcasting; ambassador of diwan-e-safarat, and; Prof. AS Bokhari of United Nations.

After completing his education at Cambridge, he was the Professor of Literature at Government College, Lahore for many years. He was under-secretary of the United Nations and was often referred to as the Diplomat’s Diplomat. Famously remembered as an Urdu humourist, educator, essayist, broadcaster, and diplomat from Pakistan, he is best known for his humorous writings in Urdu literature.

His writings include, ‘Patras Ke Mazamin (1928)’, ‘Dehat mein Boy scout (Translation, 1934)’, ‘Talim khususan awail tifli mein (translation of Bertrand Russell’s work, 1935), ‘Nau’-e-Insan ki Kahani (translation, 1939)’, and many articles on drama and theater. He also penned the preface to many books, many miscellaneous articles in English and Urdu, translations of many English fictions and plays.

Patras Ke Mazameen (essays of Patras), his collection of essays work is said to be priceless asset in Urdu humour writings. It is undoubtedly one of the finest works in Urdu humour. Despite the fact that it was written in first half of twentieth century, it seems to be truly applicable even today.

You can watch his biography to know more about him.

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