December 7, 2023


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Short story: Inferior by Komal Ishtiaq

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This short story by Komal Ishtiaq is ironic in nature as it satirizes the old conventional mind set up of people and their ways as well as gender discrimination. 

I’d never let myself out of the cabinet of insecurities. I am thinking of the past and persistently reinforcing it into my future. Standing beside the window, looking over the horizon and taking a sip of tea and sometimes reading a book “Wuthering Heights” would take me into their world of despair and dismay. Reading classics, listening to classics suits my taste, my mental state. But, I would never complain. Complaining about what. This is something that would never let me get out of my cabinet? It should be why instead of what. Definitely, this why could answer me best? What sounds deceptive to me? AH, but never mind. My droning routine would always force me to perform such lackluster tasks again and again. I wanted to do something feasible but it would only be a practical dream of my mind. Sitting beside your reading table and writing tales of a lost man and his shallow adventures. What good is it in? Nothing. Unexciting and mind-numbing. But, after all I have to do it. As to what good I am for except doing it.   

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