March 26, 2023


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Short Story: The journey of misfortune to fortune by Nandhini K M

2 min read

In this short story, Nandhini K.M. talks about how working in a corporate company makes someone stressed and explains how to find happiness and to live life despite it all. 

Worn-out, fatigue and distressed Diwakar is trying to start his day with a positive note, and his phone rings. ‘A new ticket came. Make sure to close all the tickets including the pending ones before the end of the day, says his immediate boss.’ Although he is tired of explaining the reasons for pending cases, he end-up doing it again. He knows that he must do it repeatedly to multiple heads until the tickets are resolved. 

Every feasibility for solving the issue is not helping as he coordinates from one end, and the actual issue is happening at different ends. The customers for his service are from multiple locations, and he must solve the tickets using the available local resources. He knows that lack of adequate manpower on one hand and inexperienced resources, on the other hand, is another factor for unresolved pending cases, but he cannot take it to his hierarchy. 

He knows the meaning of the term ‘cost-cutting in the corporate language. Either he has to handle the given untrained employees whose numbers are exponentially lesser than the total outages, or he must give up his job with a tagline of “incapable manager”.

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