December 8, 2023


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Book Excerpt: Rather say ‘Argh’ than express by Janhvi Duggal

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An exclusive excerpt from Janhvi Duggal’s Rather say ‘Argh’ than express (Bigfoot Publications, 2021)

Excerpt # 1

“But that doesn’t make it right, right? Like how some people get so comfortable with pain and hurt that it doesn’t hurt or bother them anymore. In the sense, feeling something enough to grow indifferent to those feelings, till it doesn’t feel anymore. But it still doesn’t make it right. You probably would react similarly to how you used to in the situations you once came across and are still protecting yourself from not being available into hurtful patterns and so, maybe, you do back off.” I say.

“After some point of time, the weight of nostalgia turns into a liability carried by the heart and it takes a long time to realize how tired and numb it has become of that weight.” She says.

“Life is about learning to slowly add and handle more of that weight, probably why people have hunched backs when they grow up.” I try to make her smile.

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