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Literary News: Asia Creative Writing Programme – Perundevi Srinivasan Poetry Courses

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Award-winning Tamil poet Perundevi Srinivasan will be a visiting writer at the Asia Creative Writing Programme in Singapore this year.

Perundevi Srinivasan will be a visiting writer from 15 May, 2022 to 1 August, 2022 at the Asia Creative Writing Programme.

About Perundevi Srinivasan

Perundevi is an award-winning Tamil poet and writer deeply engaged with contemporary Tamil society and culture. She has published eight anthologies of poetry and an anthology of micro-fiction over the past two decades. She is deeply engaged with contemporary Tamil society and culture and a regular contributor of poems, translations and articles to Tamil literary magazines and journals. She teaches at Siena College in the USA.
During her stay, Perundevi will be giving three ACWP programmes and meeting lots of students and Tamil community groups:

1) Contemporary Tamil Poetry PS1A – in Tamil

This 6 session course will explore a broad selection of modern Tamil poems so Tamil poets can build their in-depth knowledge of the literary aesthetics, style and techniques employed in Tamil poetry. Beginning and emerging Tamil writers will enrich and rework their poems, and also attempt bold new experimentation.

2) Contemporary Tamil Poetry for English Poets PS7 – in English 

This online introductory course will explore a broad selection of modern Tamil poems. This 3 session course is designed for English language poets to understand more about Tamil poetry and help enrich their English language poetry.

3) Writer to Writer Mentor & Consultation Sessions PS6 – in English or Tamil.

In these one-on-one mentoring sessions with Tamil poet, Perundevi Srinivasan, individual writers will be guided and helped by Perundevi in their creative practice and writing life.

For students at Singapore secondary and tertiary institutions over 14 years old the courses continue to be free.  

The workshops are open to anyone who may be interested in these courses – especially any Tamil or English language poets interested in Tamil literature. Anyone in or outside of Singapore is welcome to join the webinar as its online.

Registrations are now open for all these courses via their website here

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