September 28, 2023


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Literary News: RichCast launches $330k Creators Fund for writers, filmmakers and gamers

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The only #NoCode Editor, Player and Publishing Platform for interactive narrative experiences to commission dozens of titles from its creator community

RichCast has launched a $330,000 (£250,000) Creators Fund that will see it commission original interactive narrative experiences from writers, visual novelists, gamers, game developers and filmmakers. 

RichCast ( is the only #NoCode editor, player and publishing platform for PC, Mac, iOS and Android that enables anyone to easily create, share and play interactive experiences, called Titles.

Titles can encompass fiction or non-fiction genres, utilising images, animations, video and audio, which can be distributed across multiple devices as easily as uploading videos to YouTube or posting on social media.

Players, meanwhile, can browse, select and play Titles through any device that RichCast supports, and interact using either voice or on-screen buttons.

The RichCast Creators Fund is initially commissioning 15-20 minute experiences, in addition to art, voice and audio content, to fuel its catalogue, with the goal of releasing over 25 new titles over the next 12 months.

To find out more about the RichCast Creators Fund and to submit an application, visit

To install RichCast for Windows and Mac OS, visit

iOS and Android versions are coming soon.

RichCast is free for both Creators and Players with the plan to add fair monetisation to ensure content creators receive royalties for their great experiences.

In parallel to the Creators Fund, RichCast is also in discussions with entertainment brands towards the creation of Titles based on globally recognised IPs. 

RichCast is developed by games industry veterans, Neil Campbell and The Oliver Twins, at UK-based start-up PANIVOX, which has a goal of democratising the creation and distribution of high quality, interactive narrative content – targeting the hundreds of millions of people across the world who enjoy consuming and creating digital entertainment in all its forms. 

“We’re so excited to announce the RichCast Creators Fund and can’t wait to see what the world’s writers, game developers and filmmakers can build using our #NoCode editing tools,” said PANIVOX CEO Philip Oliver. “No technical knowledge is required, so we encourage everyone to give RichCast a try – there are so many creative possibilities that this new fund will unlock.”

For RichCast media assets, visit: RichCast Launch Video:


RichCast is the brainchild of three highly respected and experienced UK games industry veterans: Neil Campbell, plus Philip and Andrew Oliver – The Oliver Twins. With 25+ years in the games industry, Campbell co-founded Viewpoint Games and boasts an enviable reputation as a games developer and designer, having worked on major franchises such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Games industry legends the Oliver Twins have created hundreds of titles over the past 40 years, including the ultra-popular ‘80s character Dizzy, as well as having established two previous studios. Further details about PANIVOX can be found at

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