September 26, 2023


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Short Story: The Smell of Love by Safrine N

1 min read

Safrine N.’s short story is tender, moving, and evocative making it a perfect weekend read for the soul.


“Kanaga, Oye Kanaga….” It was Pooma’s shrill voice that was piercing through the morning daylight. The musicality in her tone was nothing less than a melodious song that managed to wake up “Thamarai Kuppam”- the colony in which Pooma was living with her only daughter Kanaga. Thamarai Kuppam was a 50-year-old colony and was an abode for 50 families who were living across generations witnessing the myriad of changes in this tiny settlement. Oblivious to the fast pacing world around it, Thamarai Kuppam retained its ancient pride of naming all its women inhabitants after a flower.

Starting from the name of the colony to the name of the newborn female infant one can come across an array of names of various flowers that conjured up an image of a bouquet. What triggered this unique practice of naming girls after a flower still remains to be unknown or rather no one was interested in exploring the reason behind this ritual. The colony and its inhabitants loved flowers. It shouldn’t be a surprise to note that most of the women in Thamarai Kuppam were flower sellers. Indeed, it was their passion turning into a profession!!

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