September 29, 2023


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Essay Series: Living With Grief- Reconciling to Never Seeing Them Again by Roopa Swaminathan (Part 5)

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Roopa Swaminathan talks about the pain of never seeing her parents again after their death and reconciling with this fact.

“Of course, you’ll see them again.”

I hear this a lot. From family, friends, grief and loss groups, therapists, from religious leaders – so far, not one single person has told me that this is the end. That it was all over when my parents died. Or that I would never see them again.

“Maybe you won’t see them the way they were on earth. Their outer bodies are gone. But their spirit – their soul – is still alive. And you will connect with them again.”

“There IS a Heaven. You just need to believe, Roopa, and know that your parents are there and you will be united with them someday.”

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