September 22, 2023


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Essay Series: Living With Grief- The Tragedy of Number 3 by Roopa Swaminathan (Part 4)

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Roopa Swaminathan shares her journey of losing her parents, their belief in numerology, and how it impacted her.

“Aiyyo… no. Absolutely not. You cannot leave for the US on the 3rd of August. No,” Amma said very categorically.

I knew better than to argue with Amma when she was in that mood – strict, stubborn, and unwilling to listen to anything resembling an argument. I tried anyway. “Ma…come on. How does it matter? It’s not as if I’m starting something brand new. I came to India for my summer break – as I have been doing for the past seven years – and I am going back. That’s it. How bad can returning on the 3rd of August to the US for the eighth time in five years be?” I implored Amma, completely mystified by her insistence, but still hoping for some clarity.

I got none. 

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