September 28, 2023


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Short Story: Doppelganger by Yasmin Thattil

1 min read

Yasmin Thattil’s short story with its heartwarming narrative is a sweet tale of beautiful reminiscences and memories filled with love, laughter, and everything in between.

The elderly lady looked around her with a sigh. The departure lounge was almost packed to full capacity. The slight delay had made everyone a tad restless. Most were as usual, busy pecking away at their cell phones. Kids, teens, tweens, middle-aged people, senior citizens, and even some of the super-seniors (she chuckled as she thought of this phrase!) in her 80+ category were glued to their various devices. Some of the advantages of being in the super-senior category included priority boarding and a place to sit, no matter how crowded it got.

As always, she found herself looking out closely for a certain build, a certain warm chocolate complexion. Over the decades she had found hundreds of people with some similarities. Some had at times, an air of resemblance from afar but a closer look shattered the idea. Others were quite familiar … but there ought to be more resemblance. Much much more. That was, after all, who a doppelganger was!!

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