December 7, 2023


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Short Story: Colours by Ushma Shah

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Ushma Shah’s story is a captivating tale about the roller-coaster ride a woman’s life is, thanks to societal pressure, family pressure, peer pressure and many other things leaving them almost nothing to hold onto and be themselves.

One two three…one more, no, she shakes her head, no need for an extra one. 

Sheena measures the sugar and egg white proportion for the batter. The cupcakes are all around the kitchen table, plated in neat rows in white trays, edges gilded and strewn with prussian blue flowers. Small blobs with blue, green, yellow, and pink frosting, symmetry in the circular designs done to perfection. Sunlight washes the white kitchen, everything mixing into one big radiance. Everything glows. 

She dips a finger into the sample batter she had kept aside for tasting. This batch is really good, she thinks to herself. She cleanses her palette and goes on to taste the next batch she had beat out. She looks nothing short of a magician in her white dress and a bright yellow apron handling a blue frosting cone. Her tongue slightly upwards with the concentration of solving a complex math problem. Next, she sprinkles pieces of coloured jujubes on the cupcakes. She is in the best of spirits, loving what she is doing. 

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