September 23, 2023


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Short Story: Creative Photographs by Sangeetha G

1 min read

Sangeetha G’s story is a poignant take on different perspectives of life by different people and how it impacts the way we look at things.

She was sitting on the beach sand, looking at the little boy blowing out soap bubbles. The bubble in all its transient charm, floated in the air as if it owned it, just to vanish in seconds. But in those few seconds, it achieved what it was meant to – a cheerful smile on the boy’s face. 

A young man with a large camera approached her after some time. 

“Can I have your phone number, please?” he asked.

She was baffled. “I am sorry, I don’t share my contact details with strangers,” she stood up and walked towards her two-wheeler. 

“Don’t mistake me. I am a photographer. I want to send you a photograph I have taken without your permission. My apologies for that. But I wish you could take a look at the photograph,” he insisted. 

She looked at him. He had a sort of innocence in his eyes. Her intuition told her that he was harmless. She gave him her number. 

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