September 29, 2023


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Short Story: That’s all I am saying by Rebecca Mathai

1 min read

Rebecca Mathai’s short story is a captivating glimpse into a conversation with a person who observes life very closely and enjoys talking about it.

“We just returned, opened the door, and dande, the phone rings. I knew it was you… Yes, yes, I will tell you. I would have called myself. After a shower and a cup of tea, I would have. I was about to go in for a bath in the morning when their call came, so I never got a chance…no, no, everything is fine—Stop, Ammu, girl, just listen to me, everything is fine. By God’s grace, it is all good… Why did Achu attack her father? Well, I don’t know. You know how mild Achu is, you are his sister. You tell me, who in our family is hot-headed?  Yes, Joji sometimes flies into a rage, Joji is like that, he gets it from your father’s side. But not Achu, never him. So, yes, if he lost it, flung the plate, as they are now claiming, what can I say, except that Achu must have been provoked? That’s all I am saying.

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