February 5, 2023


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Book Excerpt: Wolfie by Sonya Rehman

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An exclusive excerpt from Wolfie by Sonya Rehman, a children’s book published by ZUKA Books.

  • Author: Sonya Rehman
  • Publisher: ZUKA Books
  • Editor: Mehr F. Husain
  • Cover Design: Maryam Akram
  • Age group: 9 years and above

“You need to tell me what that necklace is and why it’s always whispering like that,” Wolfie said, panting away as he ran down the footpath with Bob.

“Magical Maryam made it for me,” Mano smiled, clutching her necklace. “It helps me disappear whenever I want, but it can only be used for a good cause. If I try to use its power for myself, it turns into rocks.”

“How do you know?”

“Wait till you hear this,” Bob laughed as Mano rolled her eyes at him.

“I tried to steal fish from a fisherman’s stall once,” Mano sighed, “I touched my necklace, gave it a command, and vanished! Then, as I clawed a large fish, ready to gobble it up, I became visible again…”

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