June 9, 2023


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Book Review: The Dream Pod by Gayatri Majumdar

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Poet and Critic Gopal Lahiri reviews Gayatri Majumdar’s The Dream Pod (Published by Copper Coin, 2022) calling it the fire in the Belly of the Blue

  • ISBN:978-81-948772-2-6
  • Published by: Copper Coin, Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR
  • Price: INR-399/-

Poetry may or may not always be comforting but it helps us to articulate the most impossible moments. If we take a moment to observe- Poetry gives us that moment. In every action in life- mundane or joyous- Poetry is probably there. ‘The Dream Pod’, the latest collection of poems by Gayatri Majumdar, explores the past and present, echoes the same and it is the power of mind that translates the known into surreal, bringing warmth and strains, passing allure and sight in two parallel completeness. She writes on in order to find an untouched world and a new way of seeing where love is a kind of fusion of selves.

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