June 1, 2023


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Short Story: The Deadly Consequence of Nonsensical Chats by Tarun Bandarupalle

2 min read

In this short story, Tarun Bandarupalle tells us a heartbreaking story of two friends turned foes and how life has its own twists and turns to surprise you when you least expect it.

Ram and Shyam, two buddies, make a tendency of taking a lengthy nighttime walk so they may spend valuable time together. Ram will think up absurd or nonsensical subjects to engage Shyam in a lengthy discourse. Even while Shyam participates actively and responds during the talk, he can’t help but wonder, “Why does he only pick these topics that have no sense, especially when we walk, as he is a genius, smart, and intelligent person?” Since he is having fun, laughing, and enjoying himself—everything he needs after a tough day at the office—Shyam never asks him. Ram owns a sizable grocery store, while Shyam works as a software programmer. 

When Shyam arrived for their rendezvous one evening, he was surprised to see Ram there with a few of his buddies. He was aware of how important and unique the nighttime strolls were for both of them because it was the first time, they had been outsiders. He hurried over to Ram and requested a brief private conversation. Ram evaded Shyam’s repeated requests to learn the major cause of their friends’ visit. Instead, he made fun of Shyam for acting like a child and being immature. As the conversation had to come to an end, Shyam agreed. Ram introduced Shyam to his pals Bunny and Jennings. They all got up and started walking while grinning. Ram feels pleased that the first part of his strategy has been accomplished but Shyam is internally concerned.

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